YuGiOh! GX Power of Chaos MOD (PC Game) with DOWNLOAD


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Power of Chaos – Jaden the Fusion. This game has 1109 cards in total (over 350 are added by me) including some anime only and fan-made cards. To unlock all cards open ‘All Cards – UNLOCKER’ folder and follow the instructions in ‘All Cards INFO!!!!!!!.txt’ file. You can also use some of my Decks if you want. You can find them in ‘Here are some Decks’ folder. If you have any problems, watch this tutorial:

In this game your opponent is Jaden Yuki (Yuki Judai). The game does not have all the same cards as my other ones but there is a lot of new Elemental Hero cards from Anime and Manga. Unfortunately they don’t have their effects but they are still very fun to play with 😀

Kazuki Takahashi – for creating Yu-Gi-Oh!
KONAMI – for developing and publishing Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos games
KaibaCorporationDTDL – for Kaiba Corporation Workstation program
g3rM!K (kaibadark) – for new cursor, phase and other animations… and more
Me (RistaR87) – for doing all the rest

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  1. Unlock all card to windows 10 ?

  2. all archives have virus

  3. How download this PC game ?

  4. 1 like and 1 sub for you thanks very much

  5. Hi,how do i add more cards ? Sky scraper,boobleman cards…

  6. Thánh nghỉ việc rồi hả :3

  7. For this mod to work, do I need to have "Yu-gi-oh Power of chaos" already installed? Noob here. :/

  8. network for playing this game onlinen with hamachi
    id: jaden the fus
    pass: 123

  9. are download lins are legal? sorry i can't do piracy from my location

  10. Can You Please Upload Od Mega Or Mediafire Depositfiles is Sloow

  11. amm when i close the game with QUIT GAME,it's not saving anything..
    everytime why.. im playing from the start with beginer's cards…FROM START like i opened it for the first time

  12. #~# Download Yugioh GX Power Of Chaos https://goo.gl/4wzccv

  13. In windows 7, when the game starts it freeze at black screen. Please help!

  14. Why change the effects of some cards!? :/ very lame touch.

  15. It dont work at me when i start game it freeze at black screen

  16. i downloaded the game but i cant install? says the file is corrupted

  17. GOLDENGX pass : 123

  18. tac dung cua la bai kugibo co canh la giam het thiet hai ma

  19. How to unlock all cards pls help i know have folder but i donw know how to turn off user account settings

  20. This game sucks, when was it released in the 90's?
    Terrible interface can't even quit a game without closing the entire program, no clue how to put monsters in full defense etc, deck builder is crap.
    Impossible to defeat the opponents deck with the crap cards you get at the start.
    Also there's a virus when you open it.
    Aren't there any decent yugioh games now ygopro is gone?

  21. me gustaría que por lo menos las cartas tuvieran el efecto como en realidad es y no los efectos de la carta que usaron para hacer la nueva por que así no tiene chiste descargarlo si los acomodaran como realmente son los efectos estaría cool claro solo es mi opinión aun que igual buen mod xD

  22. the most game I love after Joey the passion

  23. música deck construcción?

  24. Can we get a update to Windows 10 so it works better

  25. I want to play against my friend but dont know how need help

  26. why is alexis in the cover? can u duel her?

  27. I almost always whoop his ass with Bakura’s deck. Hell yeah!

  28. I cant open it too…Please help!

  29. I can't open I think that is because is Windows 7 please help me!!
    I just click to game and nothing

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